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Welcome to jobinsurance.com

This site has been designed to assist the unionized rail employees of North America in assembling the information they will need to make an informed choice regarding a "Job Income Protection" provider.

"Job Insurance" is a common term frequently used to describe job income protection against employee suspension from work by a rail Carrier. These suspensions are usually due to a violation of rules or operating procedures and are often unfounded or unintentional, however the employee and his or her family suffer the consequences.

The term "Job Insurance" is not completely accurate. Not all providers of this service are insurance companies. One particular organization that is not an insurance company, the Brotherhood's Relief and Compensation Fund, also provides "Job Income Protection". Job income protection is your "wall of defense" and your assurance of financial security.

You may also obtain additional information by contacting a national customer service representative at the telephone number listed. To immediately receive and print an application, you may obtain one at  www.brcf.org. Be sure to fill it out completely. Either way, you will receive a prompt response.

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